We are a small family business keeping our overheads low so we can compete on lower prices.

We will try to beat any genuine written quote you have from elsewhere.

Every job is different and depends on pick up point, destination, time involved loading and unloading, mileage. Any company will tell you that.

Our prices start at just £25 , typically that would be very local and a few items or one or two oversized items.

Perhaps you are thinking of buying something that won't fit into your car , contact us for a quote so you can factor into your costs the charges for collection / delivery.

Also worth bearing in mind is that I will of course help with the loading and unloading. Some companies actually charge more for this !  

You are paying for a man and a van. So that is what you get. An extra person is available if need be but this will incur extra charges.

Buying or selling an item..... we can help.

Sellers..... why not get a quote for local delivery so you could include it in the cost of a large item. It might help sell it easier.

Any quote will include time, distance and labour.

Beware of anyone charging extra per mile on top. We will give you an accurate quote based on the information you give us. Quotes are free and all inclusive.

Speak to us directly on

07888 313131